Combo Tekin RS ESC + 10.5T BL Motor Brushless

Combo Tekin RS ESC + 10.5T BL Motor Brushless


Combo Tekin RS ESC + 10.5T BL Motor Brushless TT2153

 Noul variator de turatie (ESC) RS Brushless Speed Control constituie noua generatie in Intelligent Operating Motor Drive Technology. Dezvoltat si proiectat avand in minte performanta maxima si construit cu cele mai de calitate componente, RS Esc aduce exact ceea ce cauta pilotii: fiabilitate, control, precizie, putere. Esc-ul RS poate sa suporte motoare Brushless Sensored, Brushless Sensorless si Brushed si poate fi alimentat cu Lipo, NiMH sau NiCd .

Seria Redline Sensored motors este contributia companiei TEKIN in clasa de motoare de inalta calitate si performanta,indreptate spre competitii. Motoarele cu senzori REDLINE ofera o platforma fiabila pentru orice tip de aplicatie tip Racing.

Pachetul contine: 1 buc ESC TEKIN RS cod TT1152 , 1 buc Motor TEKIN Brushless 10.5T Sensored cod TT2253

Features RS

  • Drives Sensored/Sensorless Brushless and Brushed Motors
  • Easily Access Programming, Anywhere, Anytime
  • HotWire PC Interface for Advanced Programming and Updating
  • D2: Dual Drive Mode Technology
  • On-Board Temperature Indicator
  • HDAC: High Density Copper Fet Boards
  • Sensor Plug for Precise Commutation with all Motors
  • Solder Posts for Easy Wire Replacement
  • Self Test Diagnostics and Factory Reset
  • Adjustable Drag Brakes
  • Pit Tune Mode
  • DGF2: Digital Glitch Filtering V2
  • QuickTune™ Programming
  • One-Touch Radio Calibration

Program Features RS

  • Drag Brake (13 steps)
  • Brake / Reverse Strength (13 steps)
  • Current Limiter (none + 12 steps)
  • Neutral Width (7 steps)
  • Throttle Profiles (7 choices)
  • Motor/Reverse Type: Brushless, Brushed, No Rev, Rev Delay
  • Voltage Cutoffs (none, 2S, 3S, Custom)
  • Timing Advance when used with Tekin Hotwire
  • Extensive Tuning via Tekin HotWire PC Interface (sold separately)

RS Specs

  • Controls: Forward/Brake/Reverse
  • ON Resistance: 0.0001 Ohms brushed fwd mode, 0.0003 Ohms brushless mode, 0.0003 Ohms brushed fwd/rev mode
  • Input Voltage: 4-9 Cells, 3S Lipo
  • BEC: 6.0V/3.0A
  • Motor Limit Brushless Mode: 5 Turn, 36mm can
  • Motor Limit Brushed Fwd Only Mode: None
  • Motor Limit Brushed Fwd/Rev Mode: 12 Turn
  • Throttle Profiles: 7 choices (on board)
  • Brushed Modes: Fwd Only, Fwd/Rev, Rev Delay
  • Brushless Modes: Fwd Only, Fwd/Rev, Rev Delay
  • Dimensions: 1.3 x 1.00" x .45" (33 x 25.4 x 11.5mm)
  • Weight: 2.0oz with included 12G wiring

Features REDLINE:

Dual-Plug Sensor Wire Harness for use with all Sensored and Sensorless Systems
CNC Machined Billet T6 Aluminum Heatsink
CanHigh Purity Copper Windings Maximizes Conductivity
Anodized EndBell Plate Maximizes Corrosion and Wear Resistance
High RPM OutputHigh
Power Solder Tabs
High RPM Precision Bearings
Removable/Replaceable Rotor
Powerful Sintered Neodymium Magnet
Precision Engineered for Maximum Energy Conversion
  • Legal in Major Governing Race Bodies: ROAR, BRCA, EFRA, JMRCA, Tamiya TCS.
  • Weight: 6.3oz (180g)
    Shaft Dimensions: 0.60"x0.125"(15.3x3.18mm)
    Motor Diameter: 1.41”(35.85mm)
    Motor Length: 2.09”(53mm)
    Bearing Dimensions: front: 4x13x5mm rear: .125x.375x.15"
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